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Gand mool dosh can be found in 4 or 5th Horoscope. It is known that it need shanty as per the Indian system of astrology. The dosha is formed If the Moon is placed in any of these 6 Constellations or Nakshatras named Revati, Ashvini, Ashlesha, Magha, Jyeshtha or Moola in birth chart, the person is said to be born under GandMool Dosh. These consulations belongs to ketu and Budha (Dragon Tail & Mercury). In short placement of the Moon in these 6 Nakshatras out of 27 confirms that the native born with Gand Mool Dosa in general. The modern astrologers have modified this theory and according to them the Ganda Moola Dosha need to be considered only when Moon is in a particular pada of 6 akshatras belongs to ketu and Budha in stead of the whole nakshatra. Accordingly Ganda Moola Dosha would be applicable when Moon is placed either of the following:-

1. 4th Charan (Part) of Revati Nakshatra, or
2. 1st Charan (Part) of Ashvini Nakshatra, or
3. 4th Charan (Part) of Ashlesha Nakshatra, or
4. 1st Charan (Part) of Magha Nakshatra, or
5. 4th Charan (Part) of Jyeshtha Nakshatra, or
6. 1st Charan (Part) of Moola Nakshatra

The Gadanta is kown as conjunction between two signs and nakshatra. The area where one rashi ends and next rashi starts is called Sandhi. This is just change of place of moon but in this process moon is strained and being luminary and representing Mind / Karka of mind, this could be the reason, this indicate inauspicious conditions for the native.

So, as per the Modern approach to Gand Mool Dosha which is present in every 4th and 5th horoscope as per the general rule will be in 1 out of 18-20 horoscopes. The people born in Gand Mool are generally spiritual and born with the mission and there are many people known to me are very successful and most responsible in their families but they face obstacles in their life and face health problems and pooja for this help to remove obstacles.

The remedy for Gand Mool dosa is to get a pooja performed to rectify this Dosha. The pooja performed is not simple. This pooja can only be completed on the specific day every month on an average when Moon passes through the same birth nakshtra. Usually 3-7 days before the pooja the Japa started by the Pandit of the specific mantra depending on the horoscope.